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This rebuild is unique to each lot, each home, each family. The situation is fluid and and there are a lot of gears in motion. Contractors and industry professionals need to get, and stay, up to date on current building matters in both the Town and the County. Your best resource is the general communication websites Make it Paradise and Butte County Recovers. Attend meetings and ask questions of the Building Departments. There are also associations that can provide more detailed information for the construction industry and Ridge business. If you are new to the rebuild, get up-to-speed at these websites and talk with builders.

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Make it Paradise

Make It Paradise is the official rebuild website for the Town of Paradise.  Here you will find guides and checklists for the rebuilding process, building resources, forms and processes, updates on the Town led Community Recovery Plan, support and connections points, grants & programs, FAQ’s, a newsletter, and history on the recovery process. 

Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce

The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business people sharing local pride, professional expertise and a commitment to growth. Together, we promote the civic and commercial progress of our community.


This is the official website for the Camp Fire response and recovery. Here you will find info on tree removal, rebuilding, Zone Captain System, housing, statistics and more. Start here!

Valley Contractors Exchange

Valley Contractors Exchange (VCE) is the local Builders Exchange, based in Chico. A Builders Exchange is a membership-based association of contractors and suppliers. The VCE provides its members access to construction-industry training, a state-wide Planroom, updates on construction license information, legislative updates and referrals.

The Rebuild Paradise Foundation is dedicated to support the long-term needs of Butte County’s disaster affected residents, businesses and workforce. We are focused on projects and solutions today that will have impacts for years to come on lowering barriers to entry and incentivizing the re-population of disaster affected area. The Rebuild Paradise Foundation also joins other rural fire-affected California Counties in advocating for the needs of those areas at the State and Federal levels.

Paradise Association of Realtors

We are the Paradise trade association for REALTORS®.  Members are kept abreast of current legal changes and updates through mailings, weekly newsletters, monthly General Membership Meetings and through the National and State Associations. Do business with a member and come discover why we love Paradise!

Chico Builders Association

We advocate, educate and partner to make building affordable for homes and jobs.  Our efforts focus on current issues of the day that impact the cost to build housing in Chico.