Consumer Facts

Get smart at the Contractors State License Board (CSLB), which is part of the California Department of Consumer Affairs.  It’s there for you.

CSLB Disaster Help Center:

Download the CSLB Fast Facts on Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster.  Generally reconstruction in a disaster area will be classified in one of two categories: home improvement or new construction.  Understanding these two categories will help you move rebuilding forward.  Click here to download Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster Fast Facts.

Before you hire a contractor or sign any documents for repairs, the CLSB offers the following advice:

  • Avoid rushing into repairs, no matter how badly they are needed
  • Get at least three bids. Avoid hiring the first contractor who comes along
  • Be cautious about door-to-door offers of repair services and fliers or business cards that are left at your property
  • Ask friends, family, and associates for recommendations about contractors they have hired.
  • Avoid paying in cash
  • Even for small jobs, get proof that the person you are dealing with has a contractor license for the type of work that needs to be done
  • Get a written contract that details every aspect of the work plan

Mobile Homes:  Mobile home permitting and repairs are different from permanent buildings.   Permits and inspections are handled through the California Housing and Community Development Department.

Wildfire Protection Building Construction – Building Codes require special materials and methods in high fire hazard areas.  The State Fire Marshal has extensive information on current materials and methods on their website:

Building departments have tons of information on their websites.  Building codes have expanded in the past 10 years, especially Fire and Energy Efficiency.  Your rebuilding project will need to meet current code.  Take advantage of the information posted on the county sites.