Permit requirements

Building in the WUI

Burned home

The Camp Fire burn are is Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and must comply with the provisions of Calif Building Code chapter 7A and/or Calif Residential Code section R327. This is in addition to local requirements of the Town and by the County.

If you have not been building homes in Paradise, or unincorporated Butte County east of highways 99 or 70, get familiar with WUI. Know what’s required before you finalize building contracts.

WUI Fire areas are identified as Fire Hazard Severity Zone (PRC 4290 through 4204, and Government Code Sections 51175 through 51189, or other areas designated to be at significant risk for fire. The purpose of WUI requirements are to resist the intrusion of flames or burning embers projected by a vegetation fire. “Ignition Resistant Construction.”

Regulations will impact setbacks, street planning for fire truck access, materials, methods, landscaping and more.

See the Contractor Links for more information. Also, use the handy Home Building Checklists prepared by the Town of Paradise and by the County.