Permit requirements

Tree Removal and Building Permits

Property owner must enroll by 12/20/2019 in one of the Tree Removal programs in order to get rebuild building permit issued.

At the December 2 Community Meeting, full details of the tree removal program were covered. Damaged trees that can fall on public roads/public right of way must be removed. There will be two programs to assess and remove these trees, a public and private option. Due to the hazard damaged trees pose, this is mandatory.

All that is required for the building permit is that the owner has signed up for one of the programs. The work doesn’t have to be completed in order to get the building permit. Just make sure the owner has signed up for tree assessment and/or removal.

You can hear the complete explanation of the program on the meeting recording. Find it at the Town of Paradise Facebook page.

The building departments have full info too, or check out the websites for ButteCountyRecovers and/or MakeItParadise.